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Mahatma Education Society
Dr. K. M. Vasudevan Pillai
Chairman and CEO, MES

"We are committed to provide a holistic education based on new generation academics that creates not just powerful global career options for our students, but which empowers them to become key contributors to the community and the environment in which they live. We strive to achieve nation building through character building and we do so through an approach of mentoring."
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EduNation - The Dream of an India Empowered

Dr. K. M. Vasudevan Pillaihas documented his travails in the progress of Mahatma Education Society through a book titled EduNation : The Dream of an India Empowered.

This is an unprecedented piece of work. It not only exposes the glaring inadequacies of the Indian educational system over a period of 60 years of Independence, but through a deep personal study of how things work in advanced countries, and through the examples of a spirited entrepreneurship of the author's own life provides chapter after chapter of meaningful hope.
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