Academic Calendar Term II: 2017-18

(Dates are tentative and are subject to change)
18th October (Thursday) to 12th November, 2017 (Sunday) Vacation for Diwali (both days inclusive)
22nd October (Sunday) to 2nd November, 2017 (Thursday) International Tour: Europe
8th November, 2017 (Wednesday) College reopens for Faculty
9th November, 2017 (Thursday) IQAC Workshop 3 - "Towards Quality Assurance"
13th November, 2017 (Monday) Semesters I,  IV, VI, X begin
13th (Monday) to 15th (Wednesday) November, 2017 Filling Examination forms for Semester VI
13th (Monday) to 22nd (Wednesday) November, 2017 Filling Examination forms for Semester VIII and X
17th November, 2017 (Friday) Examination Results declared (Semesters III, V, VII, IX) - Tentative
20th November, 2017 (Monday) Submission of Course Plans for all subjects
20th November (Monday) to 1st December, 2017 (Friday) Domestic Tours:  Bhuj (20th - 28th November), Orcha (21st - 29th November), Kalpa (22nd November - 1st December)
3rd December, 2017 (Sunday) Filling Examination forms for Semester I - B.Arch. & M.Arch. (Online)
6th (Wednesday) to 8th December, 2017 (Friday) End Semester Examinations for Semester – I and M.Arch. UD - 1
11th (Monday) to 16th December, 2017 (Saturday) College Project Week for Semesters II, IV & VI: Tour Documentation
11th December, 2017 (Monday) M.Arch. UD Semester – II begins
18th December, 2017 (Monday) B.Arch. Semester – II begins
23rd December, 2017 (Saturday) to 1st January, 2018 (Monday) Vacation for Christmas & New Year (both days inclusive)
2nd January, 2018 (Tuesday) College reopens
8th (Monday) to 12th January, 2018 (Friday) COA-TTP "Architecture as a Craft"
12th (Friday) to 14th January, 2018 (Sunday) Alumni Exhibition and Mindscape
26th January, 2018 (Friday) Holiday: Republic Day
27th January, 2018 (Saturday) Community Service Day (Non Instructional Day)
31st January, 2018 (Wednesday) Submission of marks for ATKT Sessional work
6th (Tuesday) to 10th February, 2018 (Saturday) ALEGRIA 2018
13th February, 2018 (Tuesday) Holiday: Mahashivratri
19th February, 2018 (Monday) Holiday: Chhatrapati Shivaji Jayanti
20th February, 2018 (Tuesday) Filling Examination forms for Semesters I, III, V, VII and IX (Online)
2nd March, 2018 (Friday) Holiday: Holi
12th (Monday) to 16th March, 2018 (Friday) ATKT Examinations B.Arch. & M.Arch. (Semesters I, III, V, VII, IX)
15th March, 2017 (Thursday) Display of Not Eligible (NE) students for all semesters
23rd March, 2018 (Friday) Filling Examination forms for Semesters II and IV (Online)
27th March, 2018 (Tuesday) ATKT Results declared (Semesters I, III, V, VII, IX) – Tentative
28th March, 2018 (Wednesday) Submission of all internal marks for Semesters II, IV, VI and X and M.Arch. UD
29th March, 2018 (Thursday) Holiday: Mahavir Jayanti
30th March, 2018 (Friday) Holiday: Good Friday
6th April, 2018 (Friday) Submission of Course Completion Report for all subjects
9th (Monday) to 13th April, 2018 (Friday) End Semester Examinations for Semesters II, IV
1st May, 2018 (Tuesday) Holiday: Maharashtra Day
3rd May, 2018 (Thursday) Examination Results declared (Semesters II, IV) – Tentative
5th (Saturday) to 12th May, 2018 (Saturday) Summer Vacation begins – Tentative

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